The Modern Diamond Company was founded by two jewelry experts from Los Angeles, California. They have over 20 years of combined working experience in the diamond and jewelry industry. While working in traditional jewelry stores, they realized that the diamond shopping experience has remained essentially the same for decades. Shoppers were faced with overwhelming store layouts, limited diamond options, and high prices. They felt that it was finally time for an evolution in diamond shopping. 


We believe that our customers deserve more and we are dedicated to providing them with quality products, ideal pricing, and a simplified and transparent shopping experience. We specialize in lab grown diamonds because science and technology have come together to bring us the best of both worlds. Lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds have the same chemical composition, they deliver the same beauty and brilliance, and they are both very precious gifts. What sets them apart is that mined diamonds take thousands of years to grow in the earth and require large efforts to extract from mines which amount to high prices. Lab grown diamonds, on the other hand, are grown in laboratories in a fraction of the time through modern efficiencies that deliver the same product at a much smaller cost.

We are here to celebrate life’s amazing moments with you and your family and we are here to provide you with beautiful lab grown diamonds at prices that are right for you.